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ADTOY is the optimized solution helps you to advertise easily on Facebook.

ADTOY can solve the problems which you experienced with when you promote your business.

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If you want to use our ADTOY, just follow this instruction Advance preparation for advertisement

What do I need to advertise on Facebook & Instagram?

  • Do you have Facebook or Instagram account?

    You must create account by joining Facebook or Instagram.

  • Do you have any Pages in Facebook?

    You can give your brand or business and connect with the people who matter to you through Facebook page.

  • You have to register your payment informantion on your Facebook Ad account

    You should register your payment information to conduct advertisement on Facebook.

If you want to use our ADTOY, just follow this instruction How to create advertisement with ADTOY

Now, you can advertise on Facebook through 5 advertisement objectives with ADTOY. For other objective, we will offer soon.

  • Increase ‘Likes’
    on Facebook

    Boost posts
    of page

    Increase the number
    of visits to website

    Increase conversions
    on website

    AD objective

    Choose the right advertising objective

  • Duration
    of advertisement






    Advertisement setting

    Define details for your advertisement.

  • Single image

    Multiple image



    Select media of advertisement

    You can select various media to create your advertisement

Why ADTOY is special?

Enjoy various special service in ADTOY : selection area, pre-test, analysis of ad effect

  • Set the target audiences directly on map

    SMB owners, especially store owners could efficiently implement ad by targeting Facebook users within radius of your store’s address.

  • We offer image authoring-tool

    Although you don’t have any images for advertising, we offer easy image authoring-tool.

  • Pre-test service

    Take advantage of Flownine supporting team’s support : Whether the image is suitable, the objective fits in your advertisement or not, and etc.

  • Analyze advertisement’s effect

    Focus your advertisement upon interested audiences : which ages and genders interest in your advertisement?

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Now experience ADTOY. you can expect amazing effect.