Terms and conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms of service are provided to define the required rights, duties and responsibilities of Company and User, as these rights, duties and responsibilities pertain to Flownine’s proprietary Facebook and Instagram advertisement management platform ADTOY.
※『These terms are applicable to all forms of ADTOY as appears on any electronic device, including, but not limited to, desktop computers, laptop computers, television, mobile phones, tablets, et cetera.

Article 2 (Definition)

1. “Service” is hereafter defined as any function of ADTOY which appears on the ADTOY platform, or appears on other platforms but is otherwise denoted as an ADTOY function by including “ADTOY” in any heading visible to User.
2. “Company” is the ADTOY administrator, is Flownine Corp., and may demand any materials deemed necessary to indicate that User is fit to use Company’s service.
3. “User” is any client who uses this Company’s Service in accordance with the contract herein these terms and conditions.
4. “Fee” is any money paid by User to Company in exchange for Service from Company.
5. “Advertisement rate” is any charge arising from advertisement posting or publishing.
6. “Account” is membership with Facebook, Inc. or Instagram and is applicable only in cases of identifying User and managing Service.
7. “Filing the Fee” is payment or transfer of moneys of Service Fee.
8. “Advertisement guide” is all instructions which explain how to follow the Facebook and Instagram advertisement policy, and explain all of Company’s Services.

Article 3 (Specification, Explanation and Revision of the Terms and Conditions)

1. Company posts content of this agreement, Company’s name, representative’s name, office address, telephone number, facsimile number, email address, Company registration number, communications vendor registration number and personal information of Company manager on the first screen of our Service platform or homepage so that Users can easily check these items. However, the content of the agreement can be found through a link.
2. Company must obtain User’s confirmation by providing a separate connection screen or pop-up screen, so that Users can understand the important details of the agreement, such as the withdrawal payment and refund conditions before accepting the agreement.
3. Company may amend this agreement within the range of related legislation.
4. In the case that Company has revised this agreement, Company must provide notice 7 days before the effective date, and maintain the notice until the effective date on the initial screen with the current Service agreement by specifying the effective date and reasons for revision. However, if Company changes terms and conditions in a manner unfavorable to Users, it must leave prior notice at least 30 days before the effective date, and maintain the notice until the effective date on the home screen of applicable websites with the current Service agreement by specifying effective dates and reasons for revision. In this case, Service should be displayed to promote the ease of understanding of any prior, revised or amended information.
5. In the case that Company has revised its agreement, the amended agreement applies only to contracts entered into after their effective date and non-amended agreements will be applied as the article to contracts already concluded. However, if User has already signed a contract, and wants to receive the revised portion, User may submit a request within the period of prior notice and receive a copy of the revised agreement upon consent from Service manager.
6. In the case of matters not specified in this agreement, Company will follow the applicable laws and Company-specific policies.

Article 4 (Establishment of User License Agreement)

1. User license agreement is agreed upon as follows: Use of Service constitutes agreement with the terms of Service, wherein use constitutes “signing in” and Company approving any sign-in requests in accordance with applicable procedures and laws.
2. In accordance with article 1, Company reserves the right to refuse use of Service in the following cases:
A. In the case that the requestor of use of Service is registered to Company’s Service, but has a record of forced withdrawal or has received more than 3 warnings thereof.
B. In the case that requestor of use of Service’s products or homepage receives excessive complaints from other Users or public criticism.
C. In the case that requestor of use of Service uses a false name or disguised ownership (eg. Resident registration number, Business number, and etc.)
D. In the case that information provided by requestor of use of Service is false or insufficient.
E. In the case that rejection of approval is attributable to requestor of use of Service, or that provided information fails to meet requirements.
F. In the case of legal violations, and if Company deems necessary:
3. Any requestor of use of Service who meets any of the above criteria is advised to immediately rectify any violations and provide written notice of these changes to Company. Company is not liable if requestor of use of Service fails to undertake this process.
4. Company may take necessary steps to ensure compliance with related law, such as restriction and limit of use.
5. Agreeing with these Terms of Service implies agreement with all of Company’s current and future Services.
6. Company, after screening User, reserves the right to reject User’s registration. Upon completion of registration, User’s account will become linked to Facebook and Instagram, enabling User to advertise brands or products.

Article 5 (Management of User Accounts)

1. As “User Account”, “Login”, and “Password” are the administrative responsibility of “User and requestor of use of Service”, it is not advised that these credentials be shared with any third party.
2. In the case that “User Account”, “Login”, and “Password” have been stolen or otherwise made known to a third party, User is advised to immediately notify Company follow procedures advised by Company.
3. In the case that User is unable to revise User information, membership information, or account information, User is advised to make these revisions in the “Account Settings” screen, or notify customer Service for further assistance.
4. In accordance with the aforementioned Article 5 Sections 2 and 3, any failure by User to notify Company of these events relieves Company of responsibility for any disadvantages or losses forthcoming.

Article 6 (Product Advertisement Publishing, Sales, and Delivery; Cancellation)

1. User is in violation of public order, morals, and related laws and regulations if User misrepresents products or Services in advertisements: User must obey related laws. Company is not responsible for any disadvantages, losses, or adverse consequences resulting from the failure of User to do so.
2. User’s product advertisements must adhere to standards, procedures, and systems set by Company.
3. While User is able to use Service to directly publish product advertisements, User may employ outside agency resources as desired.
4. All published product information, including but not limited to: price, inventory, specifications, warranty, and maintenance should be strictly managed and provided by User. If the aforementioned is modified, User must immediately update product information to reflect modifications.
5. User must directly provide a tax invoice or cash receipt to any customer or buyer upon request.
6. Company may take action, including but not limited to: suspension, modification, and change of advertisement placement, in the following cases. In the case that these actions are deemed improper, User may lodge an objection and state his or her reasoning:
A. In the case that advertised products violate these Terms of Service. Company will provide advance notice of applicable violations in advance.
B. In the case that the product advertisement violates the contents specified in these Terms and Conditions
C. In the case that a change of Service renders these changes unavoidable (e.g. Adjustment of placement). In this case, Company will give notice seven business days prior to applying the Service change.

Article 7 (Duty of Notice)

1. User must prominently post notices relating to electronic commerce consumer protection laws as required by applicable law.
2. User must specify that, upon purchase, the parties to the purchase agreement are the customer and User. User must notify any customer of this.
3. User must be in full compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and notify the customer of relevant requirements set by legislation.

Article 8 (Content of Services)

1. Company's Service is an advertisement management platform that enables User to create, implement, and manage advertisements on Facebook and Instagram easily and directly.
A. Content of the services that the Company provides to its members are as follows:
a. Ad Creation: Enables User to set targets by age, gender, location, interests, et cetera.
b. Ad Materials: Enables User to use stock formats or upload own images when creating an advertisement.
c. Direct Image Production: Enables User to connect with outside image-authoring tool, based on Tublu Co platform (https://www.tyle.io).
d. Advertising Schedule and Budget: Enables User to set advertising schedule and budget.
e. Advertisement Approval: If User configures advertisement settings and implements advertisement, Facebook will assess the advertisement based on its policy guidelines and approve or deny it based on compliance.
f. Advertisement Status Management: Enables User to view basic statistics and data relating to current advertisement.
g. Management Tools: Enables User to employ additional advertising capabilities such as address management, pixel, and custom targeting.
h. Use of Partner Content: Enables User to use and purchase additional services provided by Company.
i. Other services that Company makes available as a result of development or partnership with other firms.
B. Company operates two websites: http://www.flownine.com and http: //www.adtoy.co.kr (Service website). User may contact Company to receive more detailed Service information.
C. Company provides a broad range of services for particular Users, depending on User needs, the general nature of Facebook advertising, or for compliance with related law.
D. Company may provide advertising-related services and information via SMS or e-mail to members. User may unsubscribe at any time.
E. User must connect User’s Facebook and Instagram account to Service in order to use Service.
2. Company provides features that allows User to advertise directly via Company’s Service. Company also provides agency Service through special contract.
3. Company may post Service details such as Service area, registration procedures, and pricing at the customer Service center. User should read such postings carefully before using Service.

Article 9 (Change of Service)

1. Company may change all or part of the Services provided in accordance with operational or technical needs. Company does not compensate Users except in the case of events described in the terms of use.
2. If Services are modified, Company will post the reason, date, and modified items on the Notice Board 7 days prior to the change date. If User experiences any difficulty relating to this notice, Company will make clarifications upon request.

Article 10 (Suspension of Service)

1. Company may temporarily suspend Service in the event of maintenance, relocation, renovation, and technical difficulties regarding telecommunication equipment, including, but not limited to: computer, server, or other technical failure. Company must provide 15 days’ notice, as possible, under any of these contingencies.
2. Company must give notice of any Service suspension due to acts of God, war, riot, terrorism, hacking, et cetera. If notice cannot be provided due to factors including, but not limited to technical failure, notice must be given immediately after recovery.
3. Company must give notice when Service is suspended due to legally recognized bankruptcy or Company reorganization procedure. Company may then suspend Service after 30-day notification. During this period, Company must make every reasonable effort not to cause detriment to User.

Article 11 (Notification to Users)

1. In the case that Company provides any notification to User regarding Service, notification will be provided by email to the address originally designated by User.
2. If Company has an unspecified number of members, Company may replace individual notification by prominently posting a notice on the relevant website for a period of or exceeding one week of Service. Company must provide individual notice if Users are to be significantly impacted by Company’s transaction.

Article 12 (Responsibilities of Company)

1. Company may not act contrary to law, engage in items prohibited by these terms, or act in bad faith, and Company will make every reasonable effort to provide continuous, reliable Service.
2. In the absence of exigent circumstances, Company prepares and maintains services from the time User registers account, and every day thereafter within the standard 5-day workweek.
3. Company must make every reasonable effort to provide continuous and reliable Service based on these terms and conditions. In the case of technical failure or loss of facility, the Company must make every reasonable effort to make prompt repairs. As such, services may be stopped or paused in cases including, but not limited to: natural disaster, emergency, or unavoidable circumstances.
4. Company must make every reasonable effort not to infringe the rights or reputations of third parties in the process of implementing its obligations under this Agreement.
5. Company must make every reasonable political and technical effort to prevent Users’ original data, as collected through use of Service, from being collected by third parties.
6. Company must prioritize issues raised by Users which, in its best judgement, it deems reasonable. If these issues cannot be resolved promptly, User must be notified with a sufficient explanation and schedule.
7. If User causes detriment or loss to purchaser through misrepresentation or exaggeration, it is the responsibility of User to provide indemnity to purchaser.
8. Company assumes no responsibility for any damages caused to User for which Company does not bear intent nor fault.
9. If Company inflicts any damage on User for which it bears intent and fault, Company is obligated to compensate User for any resulting damages.
10. If any advertisement is not implemented or displayed properly due to negligence on the part of Company, indemnification will be provided separately based on the nature of any negligence. 11. Company does not guarantee the legal legitimacy of Service’s respective partner applications, nor does it have the ability or authority to unilaterally determine their legality.
Company will, to the best of its ability, verify that, in cases in which relevant applications violate applicable laws or have otherwise undesirable content, proper legal procedure is explicitly observed, and actively and cooperatively fulfill any obligations to make any modifications as required by law.

Article 13 (Responsibilities of User)

1. User must comply with Company notices as defined by the Terms of Service, Access Guide, and any Notifications. User is prohibited from taking any action which inhibits the work of Company.
2. User may not transfer or offer to transfer the right of using services or contractual status to others without the express, written consent of Company. User must make every reasonable effort not to infringe the rights or reputations of third parties in the process of implementing his or her obligations under this agreement.
3. User may use Service to choose from a variety of features, organized by type.
4. User may not use false or exaggerated advertisements. User must provide accurate information about all products sold.
5. User may not do any of the following, as pertains to the use of Service:
A. Duplicate, publish, or broadcast proprietary information obtained through Service and provide said information to a third party without the express, written consent of Company.
B. Connect to Service via automated means such as Agent, Robot, Script, Spider, spyware, by using one’s own account, or other User’s account to copy or monitor the content and information contained in this Service.
C. Collect or store personal information without the express, written consent of Company.
D. Interfere or otherwise obstruct the affairs or systems of Company (including but not limited to: causing overload or interruption of servers, equipment, Service).
E. Other actions that violate relevant laws and regulations
6. In the case of dispute between User and a third party, User will exempt and defend Company from all liability, and assume all responsibility and cost for the resolution thereof.
7. User may not use automated or other means to falsify or otherwise inflate the quantity of “clicks” or “impressions” on the advertisements of User or any third party. User may not use these means in cases including, but not limited to: the sale of goods advertised.
8. User may use services only for the purposes of ad creation, management operations, and account administration (account administration includes, but is not limited to: management of User information, Fee schedule), and is prohibited from disclosing information obtained through the use of Service to a third party.
9. User is solely responsible for the administration of User’s login information (ID and password), and Company is not responsible for any losses User may incur as a result of ID or password loss.
10. User cannot make available Service, or allow use of Service or data contained therein, to any third party, except as specified in Company’s procedures and processes, and User assumes all responsibility for provision of User’s account.
11. User will, to the best of User’s ability, comply with Company’s requests for accurate administrative information or summons, in the event of an apparent breach of these terms of Service.
12. User, in the process of publishing advertisements and selling products, assumes responsibility for copyright violations arising from the improper use of third party images, product names, et cetera, and any disputes, legal liability, or financial losses arising from these violations are the sole responsibility of User.

Article 14 (Use of Brand and Product Information)

1. Company may use User’s brand name and product information when advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or other advertising media.
2. In the case that Company uses User’s brand name or information, Company must cite the source, and, as necessary, may disclose these citations within Service or advertising media using appropriate editing and modifications.
3. In the case that contractual relationship between Company and User is terminated, Company must delete any User information, brand names, or product information used in Service.

Article 15 (Cases of Company Exemption)

1. Company is not responsible for any Service interruptions attributable to User.
2. Company is not responsible for User information, materials posted to User’s website, User data, the reliability thereof, or the accuracy thereof.
3. In the event of acts of God, natural disasters, or otherwise uncontrollable situations which limit or eliminate the ability of Company to provide Service, Company is exempt from providing Service.
4. Company is not responsible for any violations of Article 13 or its clauses which originate from User.

Article 16 (Restrictions on the Registration of Product and Content)

1. User may not use Service to publish the following content and product information:
A. OEM software, duplicate goods, goods not for sale, duplicate goods, stolen goods, found goods, illegal footage, pornography, narcotics or illegal drugs, listed stocks, or any products or product distribution as regulated by applicable laws or regulations.
B. Products that cannot be sold on website homepage due to applicable law or official notice.
C. Products which do not comply with standards for protection of minors.
D. Products and product advertising which violates the rights of others, including, but not limited to: intellectual property rights, portrait rights.
E. Products which cannot be processed in accordance with Service operating policy.
F. Products which violate the advertising policies of Facebook or Instagram.
2. When, in the process of lawfully providing goods or services, administrative entities or third parties lodge an inquiry with Company in regard to personal rights, Company may delete product advertisement or content, interrupt Service, or request reasonable evidence from User. In said case, User must immediately provide all requested data to Company.
In the case that User publishes advertisements and content, and makes sales in a manner which violates clauses 1 or 2, Company is absolved of all financial liability and responsibility.

Article 17 (Breadth and Restrictions of Copyright)

1. Company assumes the rights to User’s trademark, logo, offered Service, advertisement content, intellectual property rights, et cetera.
2. User should not use information obtained from the use of Service for profit or for the benefit of a third party by duplicating, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting, and using other methods without the express, written consent of Company.
3. If Company uses any copyrighted material belonging to User, Company is obligated by this agreement to notify User.

Article 18 (Refund, Return, Exchange, and Purchase Cancellation)

1. As appropriate, User must faithfully offer exchanges, returns, refunds, and cancellations to customers as mandated by the “Consumer Protection in E-Commerce Act”, the “Installment Transactions Act”, and other related legislation.
2. User must assess shipping and handling charges in accordance with the preceding paragraph, and Company assumes no responsibility for these affairs.
3. User must faithfully execute orders and User must faithfully prevent situations that result in goods being delivered in an untimely manner. In the event that goods cannot be delivered, User must make appropriate measures to compensate the buyer.
4. User must ensure, to customers, the quality of golds sold, provide repair services for a given time period, with appropriate terms and conditions, and compensate buyer for any damages caused by the negligence or fault of User.

Article 19 (Fee Policy)

1. User, in order to enjoy continuous Service, must pay Service Fee to Company in advance, and Company will maintain Service until the predetermined period. Company may terminate Service if Service Fee is not paid by the appropriate date.
2. User must pay a Fee to Company as specified under the following conditions:
A. Monthly Fee: In order to use Service, User incurs a Fee of ₩100,000 (VAT excluded) to be paid monthly, prior to receipt of Service. In the case that, for any reasons not attributable to Company, User voluntarily deletes User’s account and terminates the contractual relationship, and then reuses account, a Fee is imposed. For a designated period, Fees are not imposed in this case.
B. Annual Fee: User may choose an annual Fee schedule in place of the aforementioned “Monthly Fee”. Annual Fee is to be paid once yearly, prior to the receipt of Service, in the sum of ₩1,020,000 (VAT excluded; 12% discount versus monthly payments over the same period). In the case that User voluntarily deletes User’s account, or that User otherwise ends the contractual relationship between User and Company for a reason not attributable to Company, and reopens said account or otherwise reestablishes said contractual relationship at a later date within the effective period of “Annual Fee”, and User has not yet received a refund, User is liable for the entire Fee payment, in spite of having deleted User’s account for any of the duration of the associated period.
C. Agency Service Fees: User may use agency services to manage advertisements and advertisement campaigns. Fees are set in a separate agreement, in consultation between Company and User, under which Fees and commissions may be paid at a designated date.

Article 20 (Service Charge and Payment Method)

1. Service becomes available to User upon receipt of payment, whereby payment may be processed via credit card or direct deposit (referred to in this section as “cash”).
2. In the case of any changes to the Fee schedule or Fee policy, Company must post a notice on the initial screen of its Service website. If the Company has defined the details of the Fee policy, or made changes thereto, Company must issue notice in the initial screen of its Service website.
3. User, prior to publishing advertisements, in accordance with Article 19, must pay the following Fee types:
A. Fee: In order to register Facebook and Instagram accounts with Service, User must pay a Fee prior to registration.
B. Facebook and Instagram advertising Fee: Fee, separate from that paid to Company, paid directly to Facebook to display Facebook and Instagram advertisements.
C. Facebook Ads Payment methods: User must directly create an account and register via Facebook’s advertisement management system, after which User will be able to post advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. User may pay applicable Fees through a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards.
D. In the case that User pays by debit card, any overdraft or other Fees are the sole responsibility of User.
E. In the case that any credit card used for payment reaches a limit, or that the balance thereof is otherwise shown to have insufficient funds, Service will cease to display advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Once funds or credit have been restored, Service will be restored the following day.
4. Facebook advertising cost payments and expenditures are subject to the terms and conditions of “Facebook community payments terms, found at the following URL: https://www.facebook.com/payments_terms/.
5. Service offers five different methods for Facebook ad pricing:
A. Cost per click (CPC)
B. Cost per mile (CPM)
C. Cost per like (CPL)
D. Cost per view (CPV)
E. Cost per posting (CPP)
6. In the case that User is unable to register a payment method to Facebook or Instagram, User may instead use Company’s payment method, which allows User to prepay a set amount.
7. In the case that User wants to receive notifications about Fee and commission payments, Company may provide instructions to User concerning how User may receive email and SMS text message notification. In order to receive email or text message notification, User must follow the procedure provided by Company.

Article 21 (Refunds)

1. “Refund” is defined as the cancellation of Company’s Service Fee, such that User receives cash from Company in the amount initially paid.
2. Company processes requested refunds if the request is made within 7 business days of receipt of payment. In the case that Service is provided or advertisements are posted in this period, in accordance with the principle that any Service Fees beyond the refund period or optional advertising Fees already incurred will not be free or receive a discount coupon (hereafter referred to as “coupon etc.”), refunds are only assessed within seven days of receipt of Service Fee payment.
3. Company will issue refunds as applicable in cases outlined in the following clauses. Fees discounted by coupons cannot be refunded. In the case that User uses both a coupon and an additional payment method, any refund will be prorated such that the portion discounted will not be refunded, while the portion not discounted will be refunded.
A. In the case that User, in spite of having made a payment, does not receive Service as contractually entitled, or Service otherwise does not exist, Company assumes all responsibility and will issue a refund for the period in which Service was not available (As provided by Article 10, Clause 1:2).
B. In the case that User has made payment for the aforementioned monthly Service, but has not received Service, User may only receive refund and cancel contract within seven days of the receipt of payment for Service.
C. In the case that User has submitted payment for the aforementioned annual Service, and has not received Service, User may only receive refund for the given month within seven days of the receipt of payment of Service. In the case that seven days has elapsed, User will forfeit refund for the given and otherwise elapsed months, but is still eligible for refund for the remaining one-year term.
D. In the case that Service or advertisements are disrupted for a reason attributable to Company, refunds are allocated to those who have made payment based on the duration and nature of Service disruption.
E. In the case that an agency has registered and paid applicable commission Fees, the balance of paid commission Fees is refundable in applicable situations to User.
4. When applicable, User may apply for refund through the procedures established by Company, and Company will issue refunds to User when the reason for said refund has been deemed appropriate.

Article 22 (Content of Services Provided)

1. In order to provide Service to User, Company may make requests for technical data via an internet hosting Company, and in the event that User does not fulfill these requests, Company reserves the right to restrict or otherwise limit the breadth of Service and its content.
2. In order to provide User with accurate Service content, User must cooperate with special requests for technical data made on part of Company or on behalf of Company by an internet hosting Company, with or without justification.
3. User cannot arbitrarily alter the content of any technical data requested by Company, and may not use this data for other purposes.
4. Company assumes rights over any data collected, and may use collected data to limit or otherwise restrict Service objectives.
5. User may not use the content of Service provided to User by Company for other purposes.

Article 23 (Use of Affiliate Content)

1. User may purchase the right to use various affiliate content.
2. Affiliate content is subject to change based on the nature of relationship between Company and affiliates. Use of affiliate content, price of affiliate content, supply of affiliate content, commission Fee, operating Fee, et cetera is assessed such that existing prices are subject to change.
3. In the case of any dispute relating to an affiliate in which an affiliate is explicitly responsible, the Company assumes no responsibility.

Article 24 (User Cancellation)

1. In accordance with Article 4 of these Terms of Service, User may register account cancellation by contacting the customer Service center, and Company will promptly process cancellation in accordance with applicable laws.
2. In the case that User completes account cancellation, Company will retain User information until such time that said information is no longer needed, at which time said information will be promptly deleted.
3. In the case that User completes account cancellation, User’s Service-related information, such as title, name, website and application URL, and description, will be completely deleted.

Article 25 (Compensation for Damages, etc.)

1. In the case that Company, due to negligence or malice, causes financial loss to User, the breadth of compensation is to be determined by applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
2. If User causes financial loss to Company by violating these Terms of Service or by violating applicable law, User must provide restitution to Company.
3. If User causes financial loss to a third party by violating these terms of Service or by violating applicable law, User accepts all criminal and civil responsibility and, insofar as Company is exempt from responsibility, User must provide compensation to Company as provided by law.

Article 26 (Privacy)

1. Company will collect the minimum amount of information necessary to implement contracts. Information is collected as follows, and additional information is collected as deemed necessary:
A. e-mail
B. Mobile Phone Number
C. Password (For Members)
D. Social Security Number and Business Registration Number
2. Company must receive consent from User in all cases in which personally identifiable personal information is collected.
3. Company cannot share User’s information outside of the parameters defined by User without User’s consent, and in this respect Company assumes all responsibility. Exceptions for the aforementioned are made in the following cases:
A. As necessary for statistical analysis, academic study, market research, or other applications in which User is not explicitly identifiable by any User information collected thereof.
B. As necessary for the calculation of payment following an applicable transaction
C. As necessary to confirm identity and prevent piracy or unlawful appropriation.
D. As necessary according to legal regulation, applicable law, or other, unavoidable reason.
4. In the case that Company must receive User’s permission in accordance with Clauses 2:3, the identity (affiliation, name, phone number, other contact information), the purpose and intended use of collected data, the relationship of collected data to any relevant third party (the quantity of date provided, the reason for providing data, the content of data to be provided), laws regarding the prompt communication of information as specified in Article 22 Clause 2, the content of new regulations must be stated, or notices posted in advance such that User may withdraw agreement as desired.
5. User may request correction of any errors regarding User’s personal information, and it is the responsibility of Company to proactively correct User information as requested. In the case that User requests a correction to User information, Company may not use said User’s information until the error has been corrected as requested.
6. Any third party which receives personal information from Company or other entities must promptly delete said personal information after achieving its stated collection and usage goals.

Article 27 (Prohibition of Assignment and Delegation)

1. User may not transfer, delegate, or collateralize the rights and responsibilities afforded by this agreement, either partially or in its entirety, to any third party without the consent of Company.

Article 28 (Confidentiality)

1. Company and User, except in cases of lawful order, may not disclose payment information, technical Company information, production or purchase plans, intellectual property, or administrative information provided by this agreement to any third party, and may not use that information for objectives apart from these Terms of Service.
2. Clause 1 of this article is valid for three years following the cancellation of contract.

Article 29 (Dispute Resolution)

1. Company operates a mechanism for the fair evaluation and resolution of legitimate User comments and complaints, including processes for indemnification of any User losses.
2. Company prioritizes the prompt resolution of any comments or dissatisfaction submitted by User. In the case that prompt resolution is not tenable, Company will promptly provide User a notice detailing the cause for delay and the expected date of resolution.
3. In the case that a dispute concerning an electronic transaction arises between User and Company, and User issues formal complaint as aforementioned, mediation can occur under the auspices of the Fair Trade Commission or local and provincial commissions.

Article 30 (Governing law, Jurisdiction, et cetera)

1. Any areas not specified by these Terms of Service are to be mutually and cooperatively resolved by common business practices.
2. Any disputes between Company and User are to be addressed following the laws of the Republic of Korea.
3. Any lawsuits arising from any disputes between Company and User are to be handled by civil courts or courts which otherwise have jurisdiction over any applicable lawsuits.


This agreement is effective beginning 20 July 2016.